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Introducing the Handy Hide - The Ultimate Wildlife and Bird Watching Station for the Great Outdoors!

The Handy Hide is perfect for use as Bird & Wildlife Watching Hide Outs or Hunting Hides and can be easily assembled - ideal for when you need a quick, unobtrusive hide for watching wildlife with excellent visibility.




With a floor space of approximately 4ft X 6ft and a height of 6ft 7ins, the portable Handy Hide provides a roomy space for you and a friend including space for equipment.  


The hides utilise the same unique system of interlocking panels as the Snap Lock Chicken Coops and can be assembled securely in minutes without the need for hardware or tools.  


Wooden and material hides may rot and disintegrate after a very short time, but these American made, no maintenance hides will last for years; combining both stability and durability.


Similar plastic hides are made from single thickness walls that require additional aluminium bars for support.  The Handy Hides double wall construction keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer by providing a barrier of insulation that single wall designs do not have.  It also achieves a greater strength to weight ratio than single wall designs and tests have proven that the walls can withstand a weight of 350kg, and yet the lower weight makes it ideal for use on elevated platforms.  




The all purpose mounting strips (included) rotate to allow the Hide to be securely attached to a wood or steel platform or directly onto the ground.  The no-floor design also makes it easier to site amongst rough forest vegetation so minimum ground clearing is needed.  Each Handy Hide kit contains a panel with a full size, integral door with a moulded hinge.  


There is also a Plexiglass Window Kit that can be purchased which is just as easy to install, with each window snapping into place in less than 1 minute. A simple-but-ingenious bungee chord and barrel-lock system allows you to keep the window open at any height and close it securely. The additional window kit provides extra protection from the elements but still maintaining excellent 360 degree viewing.


For added camoflage, the hides can be covered easily with camoflage netting so you are able to blend in perfectly to your surrounding; ideal for spotting the more elusive creatures.








  • Exterior Dimensions:  122 x 183 x 198cm (48" x 72" x 78")

  • Window Size:  4 @ 25cm x 61cm (10" x 24")
                            1 @ 25cm x 84cm (10" x 33")

  • Door Window Size:  25cm x 51cm (10" x 20")

  • Weight:  40kg (88 lbs)








Handy Hide - £450

(inc VAT @ 20%)

Plexiglass Window Kit - £115

(inc VAT @ 20%)