Find the Perfect Lodger for your Clever Coop in the form of Bytham Hybrid POL Pullets Available NOW
The Bytham Blue

The Bytham Blue hybrid has been developed by crossing a Rhode Island and a Maran.  This breeding has created a fantastic laying bird that is capable of laying between 200 to 250 brown eggs a year.


Her very pretty plumage that varies from a slate grey through to a vivid violet colour makes for a very popular choice.  She is also perfect for the whole family to enjoy due to her highly docile and friendly nature.  


Eggs per annum - 200 to 250 - Brown egg   

£20 each
The Bytham Sussex

The Bytham Sussex hybrid is a very striking bird and certainly brings back memories of the classic farmyard chicken!  The traditional Light Sussex has been bred with Rhode Islands to produce a far more reliable layer who can lay in excess of 220 eggs a year.


Again she has a very manageable and sweet nature.  A great addition to any flock. 


Eggs per annum - 220+  Brown egg   

£20 each

The Bytham Speckledy hybrid is very similar in looks to the Maran but has been bred for a greater egg production, reaching the 250 mark.  As the Speckledy has the Maran bloodline, it also exhibits the dark chestnut brown egg renowned in the french breed.   


She has a lovely, friendly character and is easy to handle.  They free-range well and suit adapt to most situations.


Eggs per annum - 250 - Brown egg   

The Bytham Speckledy
£20 each

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