Find the Perfect Lodger for your Clever Coop in the form of Bytham Hybrid POL Pullets Available NOW
The Bytham Blue

The Bytham Blue hybrid has been developed by crossing a Rhode Island and a Maran.  This breeding has created a fantastic laying bird that is capable of laying between 200 to 250 brown eggs a year.


Her very pretty plumage that varies from a slate grey through to a vivid violet colour makes for a very popular choice.  She is also perfect for the whole family to enjoy due to her highly docile and friendly nature.  


Eggs per annum - 200 to 250 - Brown egg   

£20 each
The Bytham Sussex

The Bytham Sussex hybrid is a very striking bird and certainly brings back memories of the classic farmyard chicken!  The traditional Light Sussex has been bred with Rhode Islands to produce a far more reliable layer who can lay in excess of 220 eggs a year.


Again she has a very manageable and sweet nature.  A great addition to any flock. 


Eggs per annum - 220+  Brown egg   

£20 each

The Bytham Speckledy hybrid is very similar in looks to the Maran but has been bred for a greater egg production, reaching the 250 mark.  As the Speckledy has the Maran bloodline, it also exhibits the dark chestnut brown egg renowned in the french breed.   


She has a lovely, friendly character and is easy to handle.  They free-range well and suit adapt to most situations.


Eggs per annum - 250 - Brown egg   

The Bytham Speckledy
£20 each

Please note - all the hybrid pullets featured on this page are 16 weeks old and still yet to fully mature.  These three variaties have been selected for their vigour, egg production and suitability for all; whether for a smallholding or family back garden layers.


All our hybrids are fully vaccinated against Salmonella, multiple strains of Infectious Bronchitis (IB), Marek's Disease, Mycoplasma and Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD).... and bursting with character!  


For more than 6 chickens, please contact us for a quote.   


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