The Clever Auto Door Opener

The Clever Auto Door Opener

The Clever Auto Door Opener is available exclusively to The Clever Coop Company and built specifically to suit our large and standard chicken coops.


The opener's in-built timer enables the user to set the opening and closing times and is retro-fitting.  The solar panel (sold as standard) trickle charges the unit and provides everything you need to get started.


Prefer to power your automatic door opener via a battery or mains?  Perhaps your coop is in a shaded area?  

We can supply crocodile clips to connect to a leisure battery or a power supply for the mains.  Please see optional extras.


The Clever Auto Door Opener is perfect for when the nights draw in and you're still at work or when you fancy that extra time in the morning.


Whatever the reason, treat your coop (and hens) to The Clever Auto Door Opener!