The Clever Auto Door Opener

The ONLY opener endorsed and recommended by The Clever Coop Company!


Looking for that extra help when it comes to letting your chickens out or closing them back in?

Then let us introduce to you The Clever Auto Door Opener - the ONLY automatic unit approved and endorced by The Clever Coop Company!

It is not always possible to be around to open or close your coop - you may be at work or on holiday or just wanting that lie in on the weekend.

What ever the reason, don't let your chickens rule your life and instead, treat your coop to one of our solar powered automatic door openers and with a click of a switch, it gives you the option to run it via the mains or leisure battery if preferred!

Due to the nature of our coop doors opening from left to right, conventional door openers do not suit our coops as they rely on an 'up and down' sliding motion to close and open the door.  

The Clever Auto Door Opener is designed to be retro-fitting, incorporates the original coop door and the opening and closing times are set by the user.  It is also quiet and unobtrusive when in use.   

The Clever Auto Door Opener

Key Features

  • Timer Operated

  • Simple Installation

  • Quiet and Unobtrusive

  • Solar Powered (as standard)

  • Can also be powered via leisure battery or mains (extras required - see below) 

Comes with everything to get you started!

Priced at £179.00

auto door opener standard.jpg

Optional Extras

Power your opener via a leisure battery or directly to the mains.

If you have your coop set up in a shaded or lowlight area, you may find that the solar panel is not able to sufficiently keep your automatic door opener fully charged.  With this in mind, we can supply crocodile clips to connect to a leisure battery or a power supply that can be plugged into the mains to ensure your opener runs smoothly 24/7.  Simply switch across from 'Solar' to 'Charger' and you're good to go!

N.B If required, they must be purchased from us as they are compatible with The Clever Auto Door Opener.


How to set the Timer

Our automatic door opener uses a timer to determine when your birds are let out and closed in at night.  This is set by the user.  The unit comes complete with step by step instructions however this short video will give you a visual guide on how to set the timer for your Clever Auto Door Opener.